BYU is not alone: some tips about what a couple of other universities that are religious of these pupils

Baylor University; Waco, Texas — Baylor may be the biggest Baptist college in the field. Pupils enrolled there pledge to adhere to an Honor Code that strictly describes honesty that is academic specifies penalties for cheating, plagiarism along with other academically dishonest habits. Furthermore, the pupil handbook includes policies regarding intimate conduct (premarital, extra-marital and same-gender intercourse are forbidden), liquor (control or usage is forbidden on campus and also at off-campus university-related functions) and federally managed substances.

Bob Jones University; Greenville, S.C. — BJU is really a non-denominational, fundamentalist Christian university.

University of Notre Dame; South Bend, Ind. — In the nation’s many Catholic that is prominent university students pledge to follow along with a rule of educational sincerity comparable to that espoused at Baylor. Also, cigarette smoking is prohibited on campus except in a small number of choose places, although the purchase, advertisement or distribution of tobacco items is forbidden. The pupil handbook forbids “sexual misconduct, including, although not limited to, sexual activity without permission, unwanted touching or unpleasant intimate behavior.” a subsequent product into the handbook clarifies the college’s position that “sexual union should just take place in wedding” — pupils whom violate this short article are susceptible to “disciplinary suspension or permanent dismissal.” Possession and use of liquor is allowed under particular circumstances as well as in conformity with Indiana state legislation.

Oral Roberts University; Tulsa, Okla. — Oral Roberts can be A christian that is evangelical college. Pupils whom enroll there consent to live by particular pledges placed in the “Code of Honor.” Pupils pledge to wait course and all sorts of “required chapel services,” in addition to attending “the house of worship of my choice anywhere Jesus is honored and lifted up.” Profanity, gossip, lying and stealing are forbidden, since are medications, “alcoholic beverages of every sort” and tobacco. Pupils consent to refrain from all “illicit, unscriptural intimate functions,” including Crossdresser Heaven premarital, extramarital and sex that is same-gender. Pupils additionally vow to steadfastly keep up their fitness “through the aerobics that is required and also by taking part in wholesome regular activities” and also to attempt to “know and follow” the might of Jesus for his or her individual everyday lives.

Southern Methodist University; Dallas, Texas — SMU is owned by the South Central Jurisdiction of this United Methodist Church. Students consent to adhere to both an official code of conduct and a thorough educational honor rule. Possession and consumption of liquor is allowed in conformity with certain state and college policies, but pupils are advised to respectfully think about the United Methodist tenet of abstinence. Possession or usage of managed substances, as defined by regional, state and federal legislation, is forbidden. Intimate misconduct and assault that is sexual prohibited, but no codes of sexual abstinence are specified.

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