GROSS: and so the primary character has two close friends. One of these is Chinese American.

One of those is African United states. The primary character is Indian United states. And in addition they’re referred to as UN. And she assumes which means un, you realize? But this woman is additionally told it really is for an infinitely more reason that is negative simply because they’re all un-F-able (ph) So were you called such a thing like this when you had been in senior high school?

KALING: you realize, i am yes I had been. We never ever discovered it to my face. I am certain there is a great deal of mean nicknames in my situation because I would personally hear mean nicknames about other nerdy girls have been perhaps not me personally. And, you understand, there was clearly a girl that is tall we decided to go to college with, who was simply really gorgeous, really. But she ended up being high. And because most of the guys had been faster them insecure, they called her Beasta (ph) than her and that made. And she had no proven fact that ended up being her nickname.

And thus whenever you learn about things such as that – after all, that is this kind of nickname that is cruel.

We just thought, these girls must have this. And, you know, which has been a reflection that is real of in highschool and my buddy, Lang aswell, where we had been nerds. And I Also’m Asian. Whether it was comfort so we were just gravitated – I don’t know. We gravitated towards other minority nerds. Also it was not one thing we’d seen on TV prior to. I was thinking, well, you realize, this really is my genuine experience. Therefore possibly it should be showed by us.

GROSS: had been that you student that is serious the primary character is?

KALING: It really is funny you asked that because I became a severe pupil. But a very important factor we noticed once we see programs about nerds is the fact that, they tend to be very demure and wallflowers because they tend to be a lot of the side characters. They don’t really wish to speak up for themselves. And that is undoubtedly type of nerd which was inside my college. But there is additionally, like, the belligerent, confident nerd. They desire big things on their own. And although they truly are not receiving it, it does not suggest they do not think they deserve it.

And Lang, that is also an overachieving nerd who then went along to an Ivy League college, both of us had this exact same experience.

And now we desired to show a nerd that is ambitious – desired to lose her virginity, desired to be cool, head to concerts. Plus it, needless to say, never took place for either of us (laughter). But we thought, that might be fun to show, you realize? They truly are not absolutely all unfortunate, peaceful bookworms. Although, we were additionally those actions. But we had been, like, noisy and rambunctious and opinionated.

GROSS: Were you belligerent?

KALING: i believe from time to time. I do believe that after you are considering comedy at an early age and you also do not know how exactly to show it, I believe I think that – I’m not sure belligerent is exactly the right word that you. I actually do think for myself a lot in a way that probably put people off – certainly boys that I stood up. Yeah.

GROSS: Did you’ve got a temper such as your character does?

KALING: Truly. And I also continue to have a temper now. And it is interesting being Asian because i believe you don’t associate Asian women with having tempers (laughter). And thus – but many of us do, right? So – but that is perhaps perhaps maybe not the label about us. Therefore I had been delighted to accomplish a show about lots of short-fused Asian ladies and showing that side of us.

GROSS: Do you have actually boyfriends in highschool? – because your character that is main literally.

GROSS:. For the boyfriend (laughter).

KALING: Thank you even for posing issue.

KALING: needless to say the clear answer is not any. It is absurd you also asked issue. But which was really courteous of you, we’ll state.

KALING: No, needless to say perhaps perhaps not, Terry.

GROSS: what type of boyfriend did you dream of?

ru camster

KALING: What sort of boyfriend did I desire? You realize, there is a lot of kinds that are different. One had been a type of – there is this term we use within our article writers’ space – i believe we began at “The workplace” – called NBC handsome, which can be some sort of, like, Zach Braff, Adam Brody, a – you realize, some sort of, like, brown-haired, floppy-haired guy, that is not sure of himself a bit, but types of confident and super fast and probably spent my youth when you look at the tristate area.

Therefore because I felt like they weren’t, like, the cool, blond jock for me, that was who I thought was good-looking and attractive. It was, like, a guy that is sensitive, you understand, most likely went along to an East Coast liberal arts college. In which he could manage my Indianness (ph). And that is sorts of.

KALING:. The things I had been attracted to.

GROSS: Do You Consider.

KALING:. Perhaps Jewish, you realize? Like, that type or sort of thing.

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