Special Seal(s) / Color / structure: Certificates vary in kind according to the state or authority that is issuing.

Issuing Authority Personnel Title: There isn’t any authority that is issuing name.

Registration Criteria: needs to be A brazilian resident

Process of getting: offered by each state’s Department of Public safety (Secretaria de Seguranca Publica) or the Federal Police (Policia Federal – Ministerio Da Justica E Seguranca Publica).

Certified Copies Available: Certified copies are not available

Alternate Documents: Non-Brazilians may get a Resident Alien ID Card (Carteira de Identidade para Estrangeiros or Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros (RNE).

Exceptions: None

Police, Court, Prison Reports

Police Certificates

Available: in every 26 states while the Federal District of Brasilia, but limited to people in Brazil that are 18 years old or older.

Costs: there aren’t any costs

Document Name: State Police Records (Atestado de Antecedentes Policiais Estaduais, or Certidao de Antecedentes Criminais) and Federal Police reports (Certidao de Antecedentes Criminais).

Issuing Authority: State Police Records are granted by the Department of Public protection (Secretaria de Seguranca Publica). Federal Police Records are granted because of the Federal Police (Policia Federal).

Special s that are seal( / Color / structure: Certificates differ in kind. Each state’s police records are unique.

Issuing Authority Personnel Title: There’s no issuing authority workers name.

Registration Criteria: There is no enrollment requirements

Process of getting: State Police Records (Atestado de Bons Antecedentes Estaduais) can be obtained through the Department of Public protection (Secretaria de Seguranca Publica). The documents can be had through the Civil Police (Policia Civil) –typically the Scientific Technical authorities department (Policia Tecnico Cientifica) associated with Personal Identification Institute (Instituto de Identificacao), according to the state. A summary of Public Security Secretariats can be obtained right here.

Federal Police Records can be found online and they are appropriate for U.S. Immigration purposes. The document might be required at dpf.gov including a listing of Federal Police Offices. If struggling to have the certificate online, refer into the Federal Police Department (Departamento de Policia Federal, Delopis – Delegacia de Ordem Social e Politica).

State and records that are federal perhaps maybe not available or obtainable in Brazil for people under 18.

Certified Copies Available: Certified copies aren’t available

Alternate Documents: There are no alternative documents

Exceptions: None

Feedback: For types of Brazilian civil papers, click on this link.

Authorities records for each and every state are unique. No tracking that is central exists; documents are not maintained indefinitely. State Police records are expunged after 5 years, additionally the Atestado de Bons Antecedentes will suggest that somebody doesn’t have a record that is criminal there sex chat sexcamly is a crime-related encounter in the last 5 years.

Immigrant visa applicants in Brazil need certainly to supply an authorities certification from each state for which they usually have resided for more than half a year over the past 5 years along with a federal authorities certification. State authorities certificates are not essential for durations of residence moving into the Federal District of Brasilia. Authorities certificates through the Judicial Courts (Poder Judiciaarios) aren’t appropriate with this function. The Federal Police plus some continuing states offer online certificates that are accepted for U.S. Immigration purposes.

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